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Eclipse 580


Sophisticated & practical

The Eclipse 580 features sophisticated design and numerous practical details. A raised sunbathing deck gives guests a perfect view as they lean back and relax. Teak in the bow and on the floor combines with exquisite fittings to make this electric boat a truly elegant jewel out on the water – one also equipped with the very latest technology, an onboard computer and a GPS speed gauge.

23 km/h

Top Speed

20 kW

Motor Power

26 kW/h

Battery Capacity

Smooth, silent, superb

The boat’s unique design enables it to skim almost silently over the surface of the water, powered by an environmentally friendly electric motor. Furthermore, the shape of the Eclipse 580 guarantees a stable ride on all categories of water.

Refined teak and mahogany wood finishes round off the look of the elegantly designed Eclipse 580. The aesthetic combination with the white hull creates a harmonious overall impression for boating connoisseurs.

The sophisticated dashboard telemetry catches the eye with chrome-trimmed control panel displays and a logical position for each of the relevant technical elements. The onboard computer provides a constant overview of the battery power level and all the other key information.



5.80 m
(6.15 with swim platform)



1.80 m

Weight from 750 kg 

Motor power

4.3 kW - 10 kW underfloor drive, 20 kW shaft drive



AGM batteries up to 10kW, lithium batteries with 20kW

CE Certification
D (sheltered waters)


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