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Capriole 700


Capriole Feeling

Enjoy the genuine Capri feeling with the Capriole 700 cabin electro-yacht. It’s the perfect electric boat for sun-loving outdoor enthusiasts. The cabin can seat three to four people and converts conveniently into a luxurious sleeping space.

13 km/h

Top Speed

10 kW

Motor Power

21 kW/h

Battery Capacity

Comfort & Elegance

The soft-top awning can be removed and stowed away very easily. The Capriole 700 is a genuine all-rounder
With a stylish interior, the cabin can seat three to four people. If necessary, it can be converted into a sleeping area and offers some very special technical features.

The Capriole 700 is comfortable, suitably roomy and immensely practical. The sophisticated planning space usage ensures every centimetre of this electro-yacht is utilised effectively, without compromising on design quality.
When building our electro-yachts, Marian only use the very best materials and most exquisite fabrics. This eye for detail ensures first-class design receives a first-class finish.



7.00 m


2.45 m

Weight from 1500 kg 

Motor power
4,3 kW - 10 kW underfloor



AGM or lithium batteries

CE Certification
D (sheltered waters)


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