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Laguna 760

Laguna 760_LakeWolfgangsee_04.jpg

The Marian flagship

Marian Boats’ flagship, the Laguna 760, is a premium class electro-yacht. It combines timelessly elegant design with highly-advanced technology. At the heart of the boat is a 125kW Piktronik electric motor. The Sony lithium-manganese batteries produce enough power to glide effortlessly over the surface of the water – and even pull a water-skier.

53 km/h

Top Speed

125 kW

Motor Power

125 kW/h

Battery Capacity

Exquisite design

The Laguna 760 has been designed for the electric drive system to allow it to cut through the water gently and silently, despite having a top speed of 53 km/h.

The leather upholstered steering wheel offers a beautifully timeless look. Alternatively, there’s also a tasteful wooden steering wheel available.
The swim platform has been designed to allow the ladder to fold away into the floor. This makes more space available on the platform without compromising on functionality or elegance.
Storage space is intelligently integrated into the boat’s design to maximise the use of space around the entire electro-yacht. Everything you take on the boat is located conveniently at arm’s reach.
The Laguna 760 is delivered with a sun shade that can be erected in a few simple moves, and can be stowed away invisibly when not required.




7.60 m


2.0 m

Weight from 1200 kg 

Motor power
10kW underfloor drive, 20kW to 125kW shaft drive


AGM batteries up to 10kW, lithium batteries from 20kW upwards

CE Certification
D (sheltered waters)


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